Although "Us" started with just me - and my two Airedale dogs, Rocky and Cheyenne --- it didn't stay that way very long! In early 2004, with 3 children grown, I retired from my lucrative actuarial career after 20+ years to the riches (?) and simpler (?) life of a yarn store owner.

The first dilemma was where to set up shop. After a crash course in starting a business and a great summer in my garden, I embarked on a journey to find a new home in a warmer climate than WI & MN. While CO was tempting, I couldn't resist the opportunity to rent the space I found on 6th St. in Tucson and the chance to live close to two of my three children (both now moved on!). In February 2005, I packed up and moved to Tucson where Kiwi Knitting Company began to take shape.

Long before the doors even opened, there was my brother, Craig, and sister-in-law Sue creating my website, pulling weeds and landscaping. Daughters, Kari & Kristin; spouses, Jesse & Tom; and their friends were also there to help paint, price, build shelves and then fill them. Kiwi Knitting Company, LLC opened for business April 14th 2005, quietly with no advertising - not even a sign! The sign arrived a few days later and with the grand opening, May 4th - 7th, we were off & running. Within the week, my first teacher/employee/advisor walked in. Soon others followed and by Christmas, Kiwi was at full employment!/p>

While times and lives have change, Kiwi has been blessed to welcome a new face whenever needed. Let me introduce you to the current people at Kiwi ready to share their expertise and help you find the perfect yarn for your next project!

Craig:   Web-master and owner of Alluring Pages, Craig created and now up-dates my web site. With a wonderful customer orientation and the patience of a saint, Craig is a great asset to Kiwi Knitting! (And a great brother to-boot!) Thanks to my favorite grand-nephew and sister-in-law, Sue, for allowing him the time to continue helping us!

Jill:   Jill started as our resident spinning expert but has now branched out to teacher of almost anything and works 1 day a week to boot. Jill is a Master Spinner, knitter of almost anything, crocheter of anything she cannot knit, and a weaver when time allows. Jill loves living in the desert with 2 sweet dogs and a curious cat.

Desi:   Small needles and lace knitting are Desi's passion, but her skills and projects extend well beyond that! Now busy with 2 young children, it is a miracle Desi has time for knitting, but Elizabeth is always sporting a new handmade outfit!

Holly:   Don't let that quiet exterior fool you! Holly is fearless when it comes to trying new things, and figuring out how to make a knit or crocheted technique/project easier. Though raised in the northeast, knitting with wool, Holly has embraced the challenge of desert knitting and tamed those plant fibers. Holly loves teaching and the challenge of empowering her students.

Kendra:   LA's loss -- Kiwi's gain! A Tucson native, Kendra returned to her roots several years ago after 30 years in LA. It all started with a great aunt from Ireland, but Kendra's real knitting began while commuting in LA. Lace scarves and wraps are favorites relegating other techniques to socks where mistakes are small and fixing is optional. Energetic with a smile a mile wide and an infectious laugh, Kendra's classes are fun as well as informative. Her motto? "It's yarn. It's not blood."

Michelle:   Michelle's goal is that you will be glad you came to Kiwi and you'll like hanging out here. Having always enjoyed the challenge of helping customers with problems, Michelle recently found she also loves teaching beginning knitters, (and is really good at it!). Knitting taps into the part of her life where she finds patience and calm. Even when she is ripping!

Brigid:   Brigid is ready to help you psych out your knitting! Customers love her ever positive countenance, her cheerful help and her clear, precise instructions. A lover of all fibers and colors (as long as it is purple!), Brigid is great at helping you find the perfect materials for your next project. Loves dogs - especially those who need a sweater (all dogs feel special wearing one you know)!

I hope you'll come by. You will find some wonderful yarns, a comfortable shopping environment, and friendly service. Stop at Rincon Market or the Chinese Tea Room before you come for coffee or tea and bring it along.

Store Hours  
The Kiwi Knitting Company
 2540 E. 6th Street Tucson, AZ.
(520) 881-1319
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